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Builders Sales Kit

The Builders Sales Kit is aimed at encouraging and helping small builders to compete with larger volume project builders.

Since the inception of the kit in June 2000 we have taken enquiries from all parts of Australia and have established great working relationships with a good number of small builders.

The Builders Sales Kit offers small builders an extensive range of Brochure plans presented in a full colour booklet.

The house plans range from 12 sq’s to 31 sq’s and have been designed to focus on open plan living with an ease of flow through living and outdoor spaces.

As part of the package you will be given the option of including your Company logo on each brochure plan, and you can also nominate the area in which you will use the current book exclusively. This will work on existing council boundaries i.e. City of Greater Shepparton.

From these brochures builders can order Working Drawings at a very reasonable rate. For any enquiries please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Artists Impressions

Our affordable artists impressions will give you and your clients the opportunity of visualising their projects.

They may also clinch the deal!

They can be used for unit developments, spec homes, order homes or for brochures.

For more information, please visit our Artists Impressions page.

If you have any enquiries, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Sample Artists Impressions